PT. Dayacipta Anekareksa

Spun Pile

Sell ​​Round Pile or Spun Pile. PT. Dayacipta Anekareksa, a supplier company that provides various types of piles, one of which is selling round piles. Spun pile is a type of round pile that utilizes centrifugal force for the concrete compaction process, namely by using the spinning process (rotated) so as to create density and homogeneity. This type of pile is arguably the most modern type of pile and is also often used as a foundation pillar (earth nail). Spun pile is arguably has a strength high enough to reach K600. The quality of spun pile is quite high because of good quality control. The design of this product is also very flexible which can be put into the soil in various ways. We sell quality spun pile and low prices. With the right choice of materials and the manufacturing process to produce high quality products.

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