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Selling Piles in Jakarta

PT. Dayacipta Anekareksa, a supplier of various types of piles and variations of different dimensions. We sell piles which are part of the construction used to transmit / transmit surface loads to lower surface levels in the soil mass. Based on the type of materials used, piles are divided into several types including wood, concrete and steel piles. The function and use of the pile foundation is to move or transfer the loads from the construction above it (superstructure) to a very deep layer of hard soil. We provide
1. To lift construction loads above the ground into or through a layer of soil.
2. To oppose the upward force, the bolster force, such as for the soles of the basement below the saturated water boundary plane or to support the tower legs against the bolster.
3. To compress loose cohesion-free deposits through a combination of displacement of the contents of the pile and thrill vibrations.
4. To control deflection or decrease if the legs are scattered or the palm is on the edge of the ground or based on a layer of high compression.
5. As a factor of encroachment safety under the footstool of the bridge
when erosion becomes a potential problem.
6. To continue loads on the surface of the water through water and into the ground that underlies the water as in offshore construction.
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