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Selling Triangular Piles in Jakarta

PT. Dayacipta Anekareksa, supplier of various types of piles, one of which is selling triangular piles. Piles are not only used for land structures, but are also applied offshore such as in harbor buildings, bridges, offshore oil refineries, and others. Piles help to sustain construction from possible erosion. The way it works is that the pile is plugged into the ground above the water field so that the construction gets the carrying capacity from the ground or water that is strong enough. We sell reinforced concrete triangular piles which are shaped piles made of reinforced concrete molded and casted in concrete references (formwork), then after being strong enough (hard) then lifted and mounted. This pile is popularly used for low-rise buildings (up to 4 floors). Reinforced concrete triangle piles are relatively easy to produce. Its main advantage is the ratio of circumference to area greater than the mast.
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